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Individual therapy

Looking for a therapist can be a daunting endeavor. You want someone safe to talk to, but you do not want to feel lectured. In my role as a clinician, I never pretend to have all the answers; you know your life best. My role is to help guide you in your own process of self-discovery.

I approach individual therapy differently for every client. Sometimes one theoretical perspective resonates with one person but doesn't for another. I am always happy to answer questions about which theory I am utilizing. We will create goals and treatment directions together. I'm fully invested in finding what works for you.

My style is rooted in consistency and honesty. I care about all of my clients, and work to ensure that each one feels secure. I will be present with you through all ranges of emotion.

But don't take my word for it. The most important part of treatment is if you feel comfortable in the room, talking to me. So let's set up an introductory appointment and see if we want to work together. 



Theoretical Approaches

Therapy is about good conversation and connection- it's also about good solid research and theoretical approaches.  I employ:

  • Psychodynamic Therapy.
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Strengths based Approach
  • EMDR