Sometimes a group is exactly what you need...

...a place where each member has wisdom to contribute and new things to learn.  I work hard to place people very thoughtfully in groups that work for them.  My groups can be ongoing or time limited.  All groups are self pay and the fee is set low enough that this is possible. 

Please see below for a list of current groups:

High Functioning Women's Group:

This group is for the powerful woman.  The woman who is in charge at work, loves her job, loves a challenge and most people would turn to for advice.  This woman is incredibly effective in the world. At times, it can be a bit lonely because maybe no one sees how much WORK goes into that level of functioning. This woman needs to talk about relationships, needs to talk about family, needs to talk about conflict... among other things.  This group tackles that and more.  Conversation can range from money management (this is an informed group, but you will still get new ideas!) to sex to participant's childhoods. 

This group is an ongoing group- set to start up in May.  The group is $60 a session.  Please reach out if you feel this group could be for you. 



Young Person's Group:

This group is for the early twenties to mid twenties crew.  This is a LGBTQ friendly group, all gender presentations welcome.  This group is for the person who is trying to get their feet down.  School is done, job is okay but not everything, money is overwhelming.  Relationships are important and a big topic of conversation.  We will talk through how to move forward in your career, how to make decisions around finances, and whatever else is feeling pertinent to you now.  People in this group often report that they feel a huge surge forward after being in this group for only a few weeks. 

This group is a time limited group- set to start in May.  The group is $35 a session.  Please reach out if you feel this group could be for you.